Meet the Pastor
Welcome to Cross of Glory!  We are glad you found our site.

I am Pastor Andrew Schrimpf and here is my journey into the ministry:

Growing up on a dairy farm in Goodhue, Minnesota I had always thought about being a pastor but I disliked high school (public) so much I didn’t think I would do well with eight more years of schooling.  So after graduation in 2002, I decided to pursue heating and air-conditioning in South Carolina after having met Sarah (who is from South Carolina) in an AOL chat room.  I received an associate degree in HVAC (heating and cooling) and worked in the field for six years.  Living in Greenville, SC for eight years I was exposed to people from all walks of life and I quickly realized my assumption that we are a Christian nation was very wrong.  I saw the urgency for spreading the gospel and felt I was sitting on my mina (Luke 19:11-28).
I spoke with Sarah about going back to school to be a pastor and her response surprised me a little: “If that is where you feel to lead our family then let’s go.”  With her much needed and most appreciated support we moved to New Ulm, Minnesota where we spent three years at Martin Luther College and then went on to Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, Wisconsin for four years.

Sarah and I have three wonderful children and one on the way.  We are thrilled to be back in the South, to call Baton Rouge our home and Cross of Glory our family.